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Sunday, January 1

Quail Block

It takes all kinds. My wife works at Ace Hardware and she comes home with some of the strangest stories about customers. Yesterday, a woman brought a quail block to the checkout. A quail block is a 15-pound block of bird seed and binder.

She plopped it on the counter and told my wife she just couldn’t stand all those dirty little birds that paraded through her yard. Now, quail as we know them in Sun City West are some of the funniest, most charming little birds we’ve ever seen.
They scurry along the ground, taking to the air only when they have to. And every spring, we see families go by, mom and dad and up to twenty tiny little walnuts following along. And this woman wanted to keep them out of her yard. So she thought buying a quail block and putting it where the birds entered her yard would keep them out . . . block them, that is. Like I said, it takes all kinds.
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