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Sunday, May 27

Blogging, Rat Tail, and Charlie

I’ve been tinkering with this blog, and it just keeps getting more and more complicated. I wanted to change my profile photo to something closer to my present self. The one I’d been using was me from nearly twenty-five years ago. The one I switched to is only five years ago—me a little fatter, a lot grayer, and much older. I don’t have anything more recent that I’d care to share with my viewers. That would be scary old. I finally figured out how to update the photo, but it took forever. And I’ve switched the blog template to this darker background with white text. I like it a lot better than the one I started with. Since my medical problems have kept me from golfing, I now have way too many hours to kill. I now realize how much of my life was spent on golf courses. If I didn’t have this blog to play with, I’d go crazy. Rosalie thinks I’m crazy because I spend so much time playing with it, the blog, that is. I’m too old to play with anything else.

Here’s an updated picture of the Rat Tail cactus that’s taken over our back patio. This has to be the oddest plant I’ve ever seen. It looks like Medusa’s head hanging down over the edges of the pot. It’s also known as a valladia squamulosa.

Yesterday, I went to 4-Paws to see if Charlie’s sibling was still there. He was. And on closer inspection he looked like an absolute twin of Charlie, same long body, small head, exact same coloring. I think if I’d had a pet carrier with me I might have brought him home with me. But the lady there told me someone was picking him up later in the day. Ah well, another male might have been more than Charlie could take, even if he was his twin.

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