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Tuesday, May 1

Ear Hair & Tempus Fugit

Yesterday, the sun was shining from my left as I drove the cart to the golf course, and there, shining in the sunlight, was a hair about an inch long growing out of my left ear. How is that possible? I pull ear hairs religiously and this one somehow escaped my view. Or is it that these hairs just grow like Jack’s beanstalk overnight? I wonder what would happen if I just let them grow. Would they get long enough to braid? Would I look like a werewolf? Or would they, as I see them on some men, just get darker and darker and thicker and thicker until their ear holes become vine-covered cave entrances. No wonder so many men here have to have hearing aids.

There’s a pond on the fourth hole at Pebblebrook, with all kinds of wild life on it, especially mallards that no longer fly north, having decided that Sun City West is a pretty nice place to live year-round. There, I was given a living reminder of the brevity of life, the swiftness of time passing. About three weeks ago I saw a family of ducks on the pond, mom and dad and thirteen tiny ducklings. Today, I saw the same family, same thirteen kids, but they were nearly full grown. Amazing. How could they grow that fast? Or did I miscalculate about the first time I saw them? In either case, tempus fugit.

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