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Saturday, May 26

Valley Delight

Today in Sun City West was truly wonderful, 87° with a light breeze. That’s twelve degrees below normal, and we compared nicely ro those summer havens up north—in the nineties across most of the northern tier, 91° in Minneapolis, 96° in Chicago. I hope they’re all cooking. All those snow birds who are compelled to fly “home” to plant their gardens don’t know what they’re missing. But it’s nice to have them gone. Our streets are relatively safe now and we can actually get seated at Red Lobster or Outback without a thirty minute delay.

This morning I saw my first quail family in our backyard, mom and dad and about a dozen little walnuts scurrying along behind. This is really late for my first sighting. In the past, the families started trouping through in mid-April. I wonder what’s going on. Maybe they’re practicing birth control, or maybe all the males, like their human counterparts, are suffering from ED. Or maybe I just haven’t been as observant as I once was. Ever since we had our arbor vitae trees trimmed up we’ve had less wildlife. Much fewer quail and rabbits, no lizards to be found, and I haven’t seen a coyote for more than a month. But the doves are still plentiful, cooing and screwing like crazy.

I just finished reading C.J. Box’s latest Joe Pickett novel, Force of Nature. This one was more about his old falconer friend, Nate Romanowski, than Joe, and it was more violent than any of the previous in the series. Nate is being pursued by an old colleague, a truly vicious man who’s killing off any of his Special Forces team who might know a terrible secret from 1999. And Nate is hunting him down to keep him from killing Joe and his family. And it was much too brutal for my taste. I hope the author decides to go back to Joe Pickett and his battles with one crooked sheriff or another.

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