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Thursday, May 17


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How appropriate is this Non Sequitur?

I keep thinking about all the airline seats that won’t accommodate today’s fat butts.

Or the disabled licenses given out to people too fat to walk. Or this guy in his fat guy boat.
I remember that old bully taunt from my youth, “Fatty Fatty, two-by-four, couldn’t get through the kitchen door!” A variation was “bathroom door.” I guess “bathroom door” would be more appropriate than “kitchen door,” since a fat person who couldn’t get through the kitchen door would probably lose weight, whereas one who couldn’t get through the bathroom door would probably gain, maybe not fat but something I’d rather not even think about. I know it’s not fair, but every time I see a really obese person riding in a motorized shopping cart or sitting in a restaurant stuffing a fat face, I get angry. I’m mad that they let it happen because of laziness or gluttony. I know, I know, it’s not that simple. There are socio-economic factors involved. Poor people tend to consume cheaper, fattier foods. But then I see way too many people, both poor and rich, just salivating over Big Macs and their ilk, burgers that keep getting bigger and bigger, so big now that I don’t see how anyone can get a mouth around one. We’re becoming a nation of out-of-shape fatties, sedentarily slouched in front of the tube, munching on chips and dip, order-in pizza, burgers and fries and shakes, and anything else that strikes our salivating fancy. And if we don’t somehow stem this epidemic, we could someday be a fat fallen nation.
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