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Wednesday, May 9

Charlie Update

Charlie continues to amaze us. He’s about nine months old now, and he looks like he’ll grow up to have a small head, very long, lean body, and a longer than normal tail. And he does things we’ve never seen any of our other cats do. Just for kicks, I went on line and did a search on “long-bodied cats,” and I found a website that had a picture of a cat that looked too much like Charlie to be a coincidence. A Cornish Rex cat. The information about this cat said that he’s a short-hair, a distant relative of a Siamese, more dog-like than other cats (a little like a whippet), very affectionate, very intelligent, very inquisitive, would follow you around like a dog, with acrobatic leaping ability. The only differences between Charlie and the pictures of the Cornish Rex: smaller ears and no rippling coat. But the rest: the white band between the eyes down to the nose, the black coat, white legs, smudges on the nose. That’s Charlie, our Cornish Rex baby. What do you think?

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