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Thursday, June 7

Beer & Dumb Doves

Miller Lite’s tv commercials make it sound like some brand new method for pouring its beer, a pop top can, the pop made with anything sharp and metallic to any part of the top of the can. Wow. What an innovation. We were doing the same thing over sixty years ago with a church key. And we didn’t need a beer company telling us how to do it.

After more than a month, our coyotes are back, three huge beasties, probably a mom and dad and a son or daughter. We watched one of them jump into the orange tree on our back neighbor’s yard. It wasn’t much of a jump since the trunk has branches within three or four feet of the ground, but a dove came screaming out with the coyote right behind. Dumb dove. Instead of flying up, it stayed low and that was all mister or misses coyote needed. A quick chomp to dispatch it. No more than half a minute later it was all gone, the whole dove--feet and feathers and all. And he/she didn’t share with his/her traveling companions. Life in the wild in Sun City West.

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