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Wednesday, June 13

Tiger & Tonys

Wednesday morning and the sun is shining and the dumb doves are screwing in our arbor vitae trees. Get a room, I say.

We’re on the eve of the U.S. Open and look who Vegas has at 6-1 to win. Ah, the bandwagon. I’m guessing that the tv coverage will spike if Tiger can shoot a decent round on Thursday. Should be interesting to see how Phil and Bubba hold up under the pressure of their being together with the gallery of thousands following their every shot. The Olympic Club is without any ponds or out-of-bounds, but will have such ugly rough and cantilevered fairways. I’m betting that Tiger leaves the driver in the bag, maybe even in the trunk of his car, and hits 2-irons and 5-woods on almost every hole. He’s still the best with long irons, so he won’t care if he’s got 200 or more into every par-4 as long as he’s on the short grass. I remember the British Open in 2006 at Royal Liverpool when he hit driver only once and managed to win by two over Chris DiMarco, thirteen over Phil. He was the only player in the field who was never in a bunker. I can hardly wait for the first round even though he and Phil and Bubba will be well into their round before tv coverage.

Last Sunday, we watched three hours of the Tony Awards and enjoyed it a bunch. Neil Patrick Harris mc-ed for the third time and was very good. He was funny without being overbearing, and his opening number, “What If Life Were More Like Theater,” demonstrated his abilities as a singer and dancer, and his hanging upside down like Spider Man was hilarious. I was happy to see that The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess won for best musical revival. I still have the old 3-record album of the original Porgy and Bess I bought almost sixty years ago. I wonder what it would be worth to some old Gershwin memorabiliaist? How would one even find an old Gershwin memorabiliaist? But back to the Tonys. The three hours flew by. I especially liked the five or six musical numbers from the nominees for best musical. That’s classy. And the acceptance speeches were all brief and classy. The Oscars could learn a lot from the Tonys. For starters, they could hire Neil Patrick Harris to mc.

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