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Thursday, June 21

Summer & News (or Olds)

June 21, 2012, the day after the first day of summer, and summer in the Valley is really summer. I grew up believing the first day of any season was the 21st. But somewhere along the way it got switched to the 20th. And I don’t know what happened to the first six months—like an F35 breaking the time barrier. I’d better start preparing my Christmas letter or the season will hit me before I’m ready.

Nothing much noteworthy in the news. Romney and Obama haven’t yet brought out the big guns but will soon. The Zimmerman/Martin case is still going back and forth. Jerry Sandusky will be found guilty of something but probably not on all charges. Somewhere between the two sides, accusers and accused, the truth must lie, but not entirely on either side. I just can’t understand what dark compulsion drives a sex offender. Somewhere in the future, through genetic engineering or chemical advances, such behavior will be a thing of the past. I hope so. The chaos in Egypt is disturbing, frightening. I would have hoped for some form of democracy to rise from the ashes, but it looks like it won’t. I fear any group that promotes Islamic law. We’ve come too far in human rights to go that far back into barbarism.

All right, summer, have your way with me.

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