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Wednesday, June 20

Cole Porter & "Why Shouldn't I?"

A few months ago I wrote about the decline of song intros today. How could I have overlooked this one by Cole Porter from his 1935 musical Jubilee? There were two other songs from that musical that have gotten much play: “Begin the Beguine” and “Just One of Those Things.” But they’re without intros, whereas this one has a long and intricately rhymed beginning. It’s a song that isn’t around much now, but back then it was wonderful. And it still is. Here’s “Why Shouldn’t I?”

All my life I’ve been so secluded,
Love has eluded me.
But from knowing second hand what I do of it
I feel certain I could stand a closer view of it.
Till today I studied love discretely,
But now that I’m completely free,
I must find some kind persona grata
To give me data personally.

Why shouldn’t I take a chance when romance passes by?
Why shouldn’t I know of love?
Why wait around when each age has a sage who has found
That upon this earth, love is all that is really worth thinking of?
It must be fun, lots of fun,
To be sure when day is done,
That the hour is coming when
You’ll be kissed and then
You’ll be kissed again.
All debutantes say it’s good,
And every star out in far Hollywood
Seems to give it a try,
So why shouldn’t I?

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