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Sunday, June 3

The Memorial

We have a new brand of golf idiot on the PGA. Spectator, that is, not player. In the past, these fifteen-seconds-of-fame idiots would scream “You da man!” or “Get inna hole!” after a tee shot. Didn’t matter if it was on a par-3 or par-4. They just wanted to hear themselves when they replayed the coverage on their dvr. Can’t you just see them pridefully pointing out to friends, “That’s me right there. Yeah, that’s me.” On Saturday at the Memorial, on the par-3 16th, just after Levin’s tee shot, we heard a distinctive “W!” and after Sabbatini’s tee shot, “Mashed Potatoes!” See, they just had to distinguish themselves from the other idiots with their personalized shouts. What better way than “W!” and “Mashed potatoes!” I think such bumpkins should be escorted off the course. That would probably shut them up. Or not. After all, they’re idiots.

Tiger looked all right, although he apparently has either a case of flu or serious allergies. He just ran out of gas on the back nine. But it wasn’t his long game that let him down. He just isn’t putting the way he used to. I’ve noticed that his putting stance is slightly open where it used to be absolutely square. Thus, he’s missing short putts that were once automatic. Should be interesting today. I predict that Spencer Levin will fold like a cheap lawn chair. His swing is just too herky-jerky to hold up in the wind and Tiger’s shadow right in front of him. That leaves Sabbatini and Fowler as Tiger’s main competition. I see Tiger winning by two.

A friend sent me this charming video on You Tube. Thanks, Linda.

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