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Saturday, July 21

Aurora Shooting & Open III

Why does anyone need a rifle designed to fire 100 rounds per minute? Why do we still allow people to buy such a weapon? What are the NRA gun nuts thinking? Do they really feel the need to go hunting with this thing and what kind of game would require that sort of firepower? Or do they feel the need to have one for self-defense? If the latter, then please don't let me get anywhere near such a self-defensive crackpot. Why don't our laws prevent anyone from buying 6,000 rounds of amunition? Or at least have such a purchase send out a red flag to law enforcement? Too many questions, too few answers.

Saturday at the Open. Tiger looked like he was going to have a repeat of what he did in the third round of the U.S. Open, blow it bigtime. He bogeyed two of his first four holes, but then righted the ship to finish five back of Adam Scott, still within range, especially if the wind gets up on Sunday. His putter is just not Tiger-like. He missed at least three putts that he'd have made in the old days. But that's what happens when the years start piling up: the hands just aren't as confident as they were in our optimistic youth. I hope he can still win it, but he's never come back from five behind and I doubt he'll do it this time either.

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