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Tuesday, July 24


Why am I so compelled to put words on paper? Or in this case, put words on a blog? I can’t stop thinking in potential sentences. Even my dreams have begun to be long dramatic scenes and stories. Blog readers, whoever you are, have you noticed all the links I’ve sprinkled here and there? I now have twenty separate blog sites, all linked in a chain of titles. At the top of my blog description for Doggy-Dog World, you can click on “My Stories” and it will direct you to the story sites. Or you can click on my latest blog, “The Caterwaul,” in which I speak stream-of-consciousnessly about anything that strikes my fancy without worrying too much about how well I’ve said it or whether anyone would be interested in my wanderings. Words, words, and more words. The writing and the novel reading are what keep me sane. Some would argue that last word might better be insane.

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