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Tuesday, July 31

Richard Engel & D-Backs BB

Richard Engel, get your butt out of Syria! You’ll probably be the next major newscaster for NBC and we don’t want you getting killed in that awful place being devastated by rebel forces and Assad’s military forces. It’s incomprehensible what’s happening in that country. How can the two sides continue to kill each other and destroy their cities? For that matter, where have all the citizens of those bombed out cities gone and how are they now existing? The world is watching. We all want to know when this madness will end.

I went to Chase Field Sunday to see the DBacks/Mets game on a tour bus with almost fifty others from Sun City West and Sun City. The bus was brand new and gorgeous and the ride was quick and easy. I’d been to Chase only once back when it was Bank One Ballpark, so this was nearly a new experience for me. I thought my seat was going to be reasonably close to the action but I was wrong. I was on the right field side far enough away that I couldn’t tell what was going on until a batter hit it somewhere. And even then, I had a hard time picking up the ball in the air until one of the outfielders caught it. Not a good way to watch baseball. My impressions of Chase? It’s a beautiful facility with natural turf, air-conditioning, a swimming pool, lights everywhere, big screen in center field to let us know what was going on. More impressions: It was almost too chilly at 76°; the seats were very close together, making it a toe-stepping chore to get out to an aisle; at least 4 out of 5 people didn’t have a clue what was going on, which leads me to the question, Why would anyone pay an average of $30-40 to go sit and chat, eat and drink, and not pay any attention to the baseball game? There was too much commotion up and down the aisles of people selling stuff, people carrying trays of purchased stuff to stuff themselves with. I think this will be the last game I attend at Chase. Much easier to enjoy the game on tv.

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