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Monday, July 23

Nutcase Two & Olympics

Well, we now have another Arizona nutcase embarrassing us Arizonans with silly statements. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his continued attempts to prove that Barack Obama isn’t a citizen is nutcase number one. And now, nutcase number two. Former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce spoke out after the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, suggesting that if we didn’t have gun laws prohibiting people from carrying defensive weapons, the shooter in the theater might have been stopped before many people were killed. Can’t you just see it? A masked man in full body armor appears, throws a canister of tear gas, then starts firing into the crowd. Suddenly, three hundred members of the audience stand with guns drawn, firing at the bad guy in a kind of lunatic OK Corral scenario. Bullets flying everywhere. No one knowing any longer who the bad guys are. Cops arrive and also don’t know who’s good and who’s bad and start shooting at anyone with a gun. Instead of twelve dead, we might have had hundreds. Russell Pearce, you’re an idiot.

The London Olympics begin this weekend . . . with thousands of police and soldiers for security. Isn’t it sad that events like the Olympics, doing what it does to promote peace and understanding between nations and people, should be held captive by terrorists whose only motive is to kill anyone who doesn’t believe as they do? More people have died from religion than from all other causes combined. I look forward to the events, especially the swimming and gymnastics. Can Michael Phelps win more gold or will his rival Ryan Lochte beat him out? Can’t wait to find out. I also want to watch Lolo Jones run the hurdles. Am I interested in the women's hurdles? No. I'm just interested in watching Lolo Jones.

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