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Wednesday, July 25

Jewel Guns & Negative Ads

In the wake of the shooting in Aurora, gun sales are spiking, not only in Colorado but all over the country. I guess OK Corral isn’t that far off. Are those now buying guns first-time gun owners or are they just building up their arsenals? If they’re first-timers, what do they plan to do with their new purchases? Carry them all the time, keeping a wary eye over shoulders in case some gun-wielding bad guy is creeping up on them? That’s a scary scenario. Are those who already own guns simply adding more in case they have to flee to some deep-woods hideaway? I agree with Baby Blues, “A jewel gun is the only good kind of gun.”

The nightly news last night reported that all the negative ads coming out from both Obama and Romney are having a negative effect on popularity polls. I think that if either of them simply came out with a national statement that he would no longer engage in negative campaigning, a huge chunk of voters would be so happy to hear it that they’d pledge their votes to that candidate. I know I would.

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