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Thursday, October 29

Cat Tale

     Thanks to Jo Hall, columnist for the Mobridge Tribune, for her tale about a sick cat. It’s just too good not to pass on:
     An elderly lady called the vet to advise him she had a sick cat. “His eyes are dull and he’s listless, just mopes and sulks all day and he won’t eat,” she said.
     “I see,” said the vet. “You’d better give it a cup of castor oil and I’ll be out about three this afternoon to have a look at it. You may have trouble giving that castor oil. With your left hand, force its mouth open and pour the castor oil with your right.”
     The old lady had quite a struggle with the cat but her efforts were highly successful.
     At three that afternoon the vet knocked on the door and asked, “How’s that sick calf of yours?”
     “Calf? Why, I have no calf. I called about my sick cat.”
     “Cat? Did you give it that cup of castor oil? We’ve got to do something about this mighty quick or you’re going to lose a good cat! Where is the animal now?”
     “I don’t know,” she responded. “Last time I saw him he was taking out across the cornfield with nine other cats.”
     “What in the world was he doing with nine other cats?” asked the vet.
     “I don’t know for sure,” she said, “but I think he has formed an organization. He had three of them digging holes, three of them covering up, and the other three were out looking for new locations.”

     Our weather took a dive last night, falling to 41 degrees when I got up, with a probable high today of only the low sixties. Brrr! This isn't the Valley of the Sun I know and love. I complain while people living in northern climes would kill to have a high in the sixties. I guess I've become a weather wimp in my old age.
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