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Tuesday, October 27

Dance Is Back.

So You Think You Can Dance is finally down to the final twenty dancers and last night they put on a special that highlighted the twenty’s particular dance skills without the competition. Wow, this twenty look way better than past years’ crops. Neither I nor the judges can figure out how anyone will get dropped. I’m guessing the tappers may be the first to go. As Nigel said, the tappers will have to conform to other dance styles rather than their partners trying to do tap. They have three tappers, three ballrooms, three hip-hoppers (one of whom is a crumper), four jazz contemporaries, and the rest sort of combinations of other dance styles, mostly just contemporaries or traditional with lots of background training. This opening show also showed us how their new stage would operate: lots of different lighting effects. The twenty did an opening number that was sensational. I kept thinking what a great place to showcase talents that would otherwise never be seen by anyone but the few who actually attend Broadway shows. And they’re all so attractive. Aren’t there any ugly or even average-looking young dancers? The rest of the show broke the twenty up into their specialties and let them do their things. Now I can hardly wait for the two-hour show where they compete with partners. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Cat Deeley looked long-leggedly gorgeous in a tiny sparkly black dress that came down to mid-thigh? Not that I really notice such things.

Here she is, not in the black outfit, but this one's about the same size. 

And another, just to show the dress, not the legs (because I never really notice such things).

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